What are your expectations for the next generation of computers? While human technology has taken great strides in the line of computers, are the advancements we hear about really advancements or slight modifications on older designs?

Take the basic BIOS in most computers. This system is at least a decade old. Shouldn't it be replaced by now with something unique? We see speeds increasing and going higher but no real movement in radical designs that set a new standard. New standards should not only exceed previous landmarks but move beyond them in a new dimension.

This project aims to develop new technology that challenges how we move information in this day and age. How so? We believe new technology that sets standards for the new computing age should not try and support older machines. This means a new standard, one from which there is no predassesor. By supporting aging protocalls we are only further sealing our technological doom. It may seem radical and risky, but the same applies for any industry, and without these risky changes, we would not be where we are today.

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